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C Citigroup Inc.  Research
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C 51.06
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C: Citi's Pandit Sued Over Excessive Compensation
Opened $32.77 4/23/12 Target $29.99 (-8.5%) by 5/4/12 Made 3.7%
Read the below article this morning. Wanted to share with the crowd...."Just when you thought Vikram Pandit’s week couldn’t get any worse a shareholder is suing him and the directors at Citigroup over their compensation.In the lawsuit filed in Manhattan this past week the... continue

C: Over 5....
Opened $5.05 4/15/10 Target $7.50 (+48.5%) by 1/19/11 Made -5.7%
David Sachdev from Washington, DC
Now all the mutual funds that couldn't purchase this stock before see it as fair game.  I'm continuing to hold my options, but may trade in for something that has a bigger...

C: Will it survive?
Opened $4.28 3/26/10 Target $5.00 (+16.8%) by 1/19/11 Made +17.8%
David Sachdev from Washington, DC
I think that Citibank will make its way back to a $5 stock before the year is out.  I do realize that there is a large short position here, and part of what I'm relying on is a...

C: Consumer destruction agency...
Opened $4.04 3/11/10 Target $6.75 (+67.3%) by 1/5/11 Made +23.2%
Ian Hall from Washington, DC
I hate to ride Jerry's coattails and cover the same stock so soon after he has, but I've been keeping an eye on

C: Too Evil To Fail
Opened $3.54 3/8/10 Target $5.00 (+41.2%) by 9/4/10 Made +9.3%
Jerry Gregoire from Austin, TX
Everyone hates these guys for a reason.  The new credit card regulations are coming online and you can bet on one thing, these guys, along with BofA are almost certain to have already...

C: Citi vastly undervalued compared to BAC
Opened $4.16 8/7/09 Target $6.50 (+56.3%) by 12/25/09 Made -3.6%
Josh Warner-Burke from Baltimore
I actually like Bank of America a lot more than Citigroup, however if you look at the huge gap in valuation, it would seem there is a lot more money to be made on Citi.  If only I...

C: Citigroup already hit bottom
Opened $2.96 6/23/09 Target $4.00 (+35.1%) by 8/31/09 Made +67.2%
Mike Barkett from Washington, DC
NOTE: This is a beta version article that has been retroactively edited by the site Editors as of 11/9/09. As we have seen in

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C: Target $6.62
Opened $5.02 8/31/09 Target $6.62 (+31.9%) by 9/28/09
Made -9.0%
Jordan Dean from Everett