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^VIX VOLATILITY S&P 500 Research
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^VIX: The chances of a crash are high
Opened $14.67 9/17/12 Target $20.00 (+36.3%) by 1/23/13 Made -15.1%
While the market rejoices over QE3, those of us who have been lurking on the sidelines or in value stocks grow increasingly wary of this rally. In the long run, the market does love a two-term president, but nowadays even in the best of times, we see significant volatility at the slightest hint of political dissention. I... continue

^VIX: Valentine's Day Massacre
Opened $20.33 1/30/12 Target $22.00 (+8.2%) by 2/14/12 Made -3.9%
Mike Barkett from Washington, DC
First, a disclosure: I went long on ^VIX today...

^VIX: Re: Money doesn't come any easier than this
Opened $27.33 12/1/11 Target $32.90 (+20.4%) by 12/20/11 Made -15.0%
Alex O'Reilly from Philadelphia
Ok, I'll bite on this. Simply because I no longer have any open coverages and I know Alex Nation is waiting with baited breath for my next pick. While I wait for

^VIX: Money doesn't come any easier than this
Opened $27.07 12/1/11 Target $32.50 (+20.1%) by 12/20/11 Made -14.2%
Barry Hebert from Troy, NY
Has the market bottomed? Was yesterday's reaction to the central banks' decision the beginning of the next big rally? Can Carlos Mencia tell an original joke? Do pigs fly out of my...

^VIX: The only place to jump on the roller coaster is at the valley
Opened $32.51 8/29/11 Target $45.00 (+38.4%) by 11/28/11 Made +42.4%
Mike Barkett from Washington, DC
I don't think we've seen the end of the volatility.  Last year we had a miserable August followed by an amazing Fall, and I do believe, as I said in my other successful ^

^VIX: An open invitation for S&P to join ProofTrader
Opened $42.91 8/9/11 Target $31.00 (-27.8%) by 12/20/11 Made +38.0%
Mike Barkett from Washington, DC
When you're at the top, there's usually nowhere to go but down.  The United States' debt is and has been considered the most secure investment in the world for longer than almost...